Fire on the Bayou

is a New Orleans video production company that specializes in television commercials, brand videos, and corporate communications.

We are storytellers. Working with great brands and telling their story is our passion. Fire on the Bayou came together with the notion that we could start a fire with this passion, the right talent, and integrity.We've pursued our goal of working with brands to tell their story, and do serious work without taking ourselves too seriously.

We’re awfully proud of the fire we started and remain passionate about great work for great clients.


A story is one of the most powerful tools that every human on this Earth has access to. Ranging from a multitude of different sources, storytelling is one of the most popular forms of communication on the planet. A good story is the best way to grab someone's attention.

When thinking of storytelling within video production, as videographers our job is to help companies increase their brand awareness and sales revenue through film. Even within marketing and advertising, the best commercials in video advertising generate a compelling story that captivates its viewers. Here are a few tips and tricks for when creating a great story in video production.



Within commercial marketing, a great story requires top-quality video production skills. As the average person watches between 4,000 and 10,000 advertisements a day, standing out among them is no easy task. Video production plays a significant role in creating commercials that stand out from the crowd. From conceptualization to execution, every aspect of the production process contributes to delivering a fresh and novel advertisement.

Whether it's using innovative storytelling techniques, captivating visuals, or compelling narratives, video production allows advertisers to create impactful commercials that resonate with their target audience. By investing in top-quality video production for commercials, businesses can elevate their advertising efforts and effectively communicate their message in a visually appealing and engaging manner. This not only helps capture attention but also leaves a lasting impression on viewers – ultimately driving brand awareness and increasing customer engagement.



Within video production, the role of a videographer is very abstract and creative. Tasked with media selection, film selection, character, setting, point of view selection, and much more, the creativity and originality levels required for this job are off the charts. A videographer must understand the brand purpose of the companies they work with and how to properly translate that purpose into the medium of film.

Further, videographers must step into the minds of their company's target audiences to truly understand the perspective of viewing the video advertisement as a consumer. Videographers must be able to understand the sociology of a multitude of brands and cultures. These individuals must create artwork that appeals to both consumers and marketers while highlighting the given product, service, or brand image.



Post-video production services encompass a range of techniques and tools that enhance the visual appeal and impact of a video. One such technique is graphic animation, which involves the creation of animated graphics or illustrations to convey information or enhance storytelling. Graphic animations can bring logos, text, or characters to life, adding an engaging and dynamic element to marketing commercials. Another post-production service that can elevate the quality of a video is after effects.

After-effects refer to the process of adding special visual effects or enhancements to footage, such as color correction, motion tracking, or visual compositing. Stop-motion animation is yet another technique used in post-production services. It involves capturing a series of individual frames with slight variations in movement and then playing them back in sequence to create the illusion of motion. Stop-motion animation, after-effects, and graphic animation are just a few types of post-production services that add quality, depth, and personality to a commercial as a company attempts to catch the eyes of its desired target market.



Over the past two decades, the highly decorated Fire On The Bayou is proud to be one of the top video production companies in the Sunbelt of the United States. With over 20 years of video advertising experience, Fire On The Bayou has proven to be one of the best commercial videographers in the city of New Orleans has produced.

With our personal production studio, we create, capture, and design top-quality professional commercials for a variety of companies across Southern Louisiana. Fire On The Bayou has received numerous awards for producing video commercials for great organizations such as Crystal Hot Sauce, Aucoin Hart, Rouses Market, and many more. Learn more about our video production and visit our Video Commercial Portfolio for our collection of published work that has received numerous awards.

We Love Working With Agencies.

With more than 20 years experience in the advertising industry, Fire on the Bayou has the gear, taste, and talent to cast, shoot, cut and deliver on time and on budget.

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