FAQS – Common Questions About Video Production

Here are some of the common questions about video production our clients have asked:


What is Video Production?

Video production defined would be visually illustrating a message or event, with filmmaking tools such as lighting, image capture, art direction, sound, editing, animation and graphics. From pre-production through editing and post-production, Fire on the Bayou handle your brand’s New Orleans video production project throughout the entire process.

What Resources are Needed for Great Video Production?

Really, the most important resource is a great story.  The camera is just a mirror.   The technology should be transparent in the storytelling. There are high end solutions and less expensive solutions to camera, and software but all great videos revolve around a story. The idea is to use the right tools for the right story. Fire on the Bayou has the tools, skills, and team to create the right video for your brand on time and on budget.

What kinds of projects need Great Video Production?

Every company has a story, or message.  Everything from a construction build, to a convention, or a food product.  Video as a medium is a necessity when marketing across virtually every industry. Solid video marketing is a key to raising the upper mind awareness of the consumer. Great video marketing enhances search engine optimization, and helps your message through the noise on a digital platform.

What kinds of companies need Video Production?

Truthfully every brand, business and organization can benefit from great video marketing campaigns, and professional video production is heart of those efforts. Advertising Agencies, Consumer Packaged Goods, Military Contractors, Commercial Construction Companies, Software Companies, Retailers, Supermarkets, Food Products, Public Service Companies, and Governmental Agencies have all used Fire On the Bayou to enhance their marketing efforts, corporate communications and general brand awareness.

What is the difference between good video production and great video production?

Great video production requires taste, talent, gear and a great story. Anyone can point a camera at a subject and make a video, but great video has the ability to move people, change minds, build memories and expand awareness. A great marketing video has a goal, and when producing a great video we make sure that every image, sound, and edit is geared towards achieving that goal.

How long does a video need to be?

The length or running time of a video depends on a number of factors. The video’s purpose, goal and advertising medium are all considered when deciding on the proper length for a script.  From 5-second-long commercials you see before a YouTube video, to 30 second spots during the commercial break of a football game, to 10-minute videos showcasing your product to investors, Fire on the Bayou can make the right video for your needs.


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Working with Fire On the Bayou

Do I need an Ad Agency to work with FOTB?

No you do not need an advertising agency to work with Fire on the Bayou but, it helps.  We can assist with some ad agency responsibilities when it comes to video and content creation, but a comprehensive marketing plan and brand standards are invaluable assets that ad agencies can bring to the table. A well-planned strategy, and brand identity will help us create the best return for your video marketing budget.

Who creates the script for our video?

Fire on the Bayou scripts videos in many different ways. Many of our videos are scripted by copywriters from advertising agency partners, though some scripts are written by outside copywriters, Fire on the Bayou directors, and even the clients themselves.

How are voice overs handled?

Voice Overs can be produced in house or out of house.  Fire on the Bayou’s post-production facility has all the capabilities to record your voice over locally, and we also have access to a nationwide group of voice talent that can record anywhere via ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) or Voice Connect.

What happens if we need an edit to the video later?

Revisions can be made at anytime.

Why is choosing the right video production company important?

The right video company is a tremendous asset for any brand. Fire on the Bayou has forged relationships with brands that last years and work as the sole video production partner for many of our clients. We are able to continue these great relationships due not only to the quality of work we bring to the table, but also impeccable digital asset management, courteous account management, ethical billing practices and other elements that help keep our clients coming back.

Our work has won numerous accolades including multiple national Telly and Addy Awards.  Owner Jason Villemarette was named Innovator of the Year by City Business Magazine in 2008.


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