Top Commercial Videographer in New Orleans

Video has proven to be an effective form of advertising communication.

Video uses sight, sound, and movement to communicate messages, whether they be stories, advertisements, or cultural and social events.

Fire on the Bayou has over 20 years of commercial video experience. We take video projects from concept to final-cut in New Orleans and across the globe.

Do you need a video that truly connects with your audience?

If the video screen is your canvas, then our videographers are the artists holding the brush. We take our jobs seriously. Your project is important.

As your video team Fire on the Bayou is responsible for what the audience sees on the screen: who or what is in the frame, how it’s arranged in space, and what is in the background of the frame.

How do we make top rated videos?

We use our expert knowledge of recording equipment.

We coordinate with clients to learn any preferences or particular requests.

We also capture and record from the best angle, producing results quickly and accurately.

We also use a variety of technical skills and equipment to get the job done right.


We have the best cameras, lighting, sound recording equipment. Our post-production software and editing equipment is cutting edge.

A videographer serves as the creative leader of a production team.

We are typically responsible for recording live events and video productions like documentaries, live events, short films, commercials, educational television programs, and training videos.

For smaller productions, a videographer often works alone with a single-camera setup or with a small team of light technicians and sound technicians.

Our Commercial videographers work for companies of all sizes producing advertising media.

Our job responsibilities are focused on making videos that showcase companies’ products, services, and corporate cultures. Our videos help share their story with the world.

Our work is a contribution to the company's overall videography brand strategy and direction by assisting in the creation and implementation videos to differentiate products and services in the market, drive product demand, and support the growth and expansion of the company's products and services.Live Video Shoot setup shown from behind the scenes

What are videographers responsible for?

Simply put, as a commercial videographer our responsibility is to engage and sell an audience on a company and its products and services.

We do this by telling good stories through our creative works that engage an audience so that they want to learn more about a company’s products and services.

As a commercial video producing team we must be creative and passionate about producing effective advertising stories or messages. We have an excellent eye for detail, along with good communication skills and the ability to provide direction to their team.

As top New Orleans videographers we must understand each project’s goal and be able to capture those ideas on video and turn that into a powerful message.

What has changed in the world of video production in the last 10 years?

Videography has become more complicated in recent years.

Studies show that consumer expectations, and therefore their video consumption habits, are changing in 2020’s.

Today, a commercial videographer must understand how a video they create will be consumed, as well as the message being communicated. Is the video for TV, YouTube, TikTok or for business trainings.

Video isn't going anywhere, and it is always expanding, changing, and evolving to fit consumer preferences and new platforms — and advertisers must keep up. The 30-second broadcast ad spot has been the standard for generations but the internet has provided so many new platforms from which to present video advertising. Here we discuss the basics of good TV and internet advertising spots.

Today, video is being consumed on every major social media platform, as well as in google search windows and a myriad of other places online. All these platforms have specific requirements that will make videos as successful that they can be and compete for audience attention with all the other video advertisements being produced.

An increasingly common form of video presentations are corporate branding, which refers to a company's image or identity and the way it's presented to customers. A brand video typically represents a company’s values, brand voice and messaging, not just their products and services alone. Increasingly, consumers are relying on marketing and advertising videos to promote the brand name of a corporate entity. This is very different than when, in the past, consumers visited websites, read online reviews, and watched traditional commercials, and maybe a YouTube video or two to evaluate a product or service. Brand videos are usually short-form videos: under 3 minutes seems to fall into the sweet spot of today’s attention spans. Consumers are seeking quick, snappy videos about company brands that are entertaining or informative the entire time.

Blue Runner Frame from Video Production. Girl going in front door of New Orleans Home with Blue Runner Box

How do we help corporate brands build trust with video?

The audience needs to gain a sense of trust in order to help your brand sell. Trust in the brand message, and belief in the company.

One important factor in building trust is production quality.

More and more, production quality is important to audiences when evaluating products and services offered by a brand. This doesn't mean you need a high-priced studio facilities or enlist A-list celebs to build brand trust.

There are plenty of ways to produce an affordable video: Fire on the Bayou creates videos for clients that add value to their brand without the Fortune 500 advertising budgets.

See some of our recent video work. Here are links to our Brand Videos, Commercials, and Corporate Communication video samples

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