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Why do New Orleans businesses need a top TV Commercial Production Company like Fire on the Bayou?

Great commercials tell a story and we are great storytellers.

We produce eye-catching television commercial content in any shape or size for all media platforms.

What is TV Commercial Production?

The television commercial has been a fundamental form of advertising since the television was invented in 1927.

Commercial production is the process of creating video media content for the purpose of advertising a product or service for a business client.

The gold standard is the 30-second spot for broadcast television. Although, all the new media forms enabled by the internet provide for many previously unimagined uses for video advertising spots on a myriad of different media platforms. Think of advertising venues such as Youtube, Tiktok, and more.

TV Commercial Production is an effective and important way to grow your business in the right hands.

At Fire on the Bayou, we have the know-how and resources to capture, edit, and produce video media for commercials that will be highly effective in communicating your advertising message.


What are the two things quality TV commercials need to do?

  1. Engage
  2. Persuade

We engage and persuade your target market by grabbing their attention with a powerful story, sight, sound, and motion.

Our well-produced video advertisements are the ideal medium for attracting a willing audience who will provide sustained attention to promotional or informational content. 

In the modern media age of the 21st Century, competition for audience attention is much competitive because we are inundated with video media from a wide variety of sources and screens, from our mobile devices to video billboards on the street.

People’s attention spans are shorter, which has led to a ferociously competitive advertising environment, and companies need the best content for capturing and retaining consumer attention. Here are some examples of how we capture attention.

As a result, the cost of advertising to U.S. businesses has risen dramatically, by some estimates: seven- to nine-fold since 1990, as proliferation of new brands and products in that same period have outpaced the supply of audience attention.

The complexities of making a good video spot for TV:

Producing amazing TV commercials that successfully compete for consumer attention and reflect your company’s advertising message can be quite the task.

Depending on your specific situation, the typical technical requirements of high-quality video content are extensive. A production staff of professionals needs video cameras and lighting equipment, perhaps with actors, sets, and props, to shoot video in a studio. Or they may be required to go out on location but still needing all the same types of equipment and people.

Microphones, audio recording devices, and sound consoles may be required to capture dialogue. Music may be needed to enhance the mood, which can be pre-recorded or original soundtracks. Then all these creative elements are taken to the editing bays for post-production, where more professionals splice the elements together.

Video content is the most effective media form of advertising because it combines all the elements of moving images and sound: major attention getters all.

A really eye-catching TV commercial uses these elements to tell a compelling story. The best commercials don't just sell products or services; Fire on the Bayou can help you tell a good story that makes your advertising message emotionally appealing and relatable to your target audience. 


How to determine the kind of commercial you need:

Our experienced team will help you get to the best product for your video production project. From top commercial videographers, to directors, editors, and more.

The size of the budget, the length of the commercial, and the specifics of the product being advertised all play a role in determining what type of commercial you want to produce.

The major factors that determine how much a TV ad costs involve two main expenses: production and distribution.

The good news is that TV Commercial Production is no longer the domain of big business with deep pockets alone. Despite the increased challenges of competing for audience attention in advertising, quality video production has become much more accessible and affordable to small- and medium-size businesses than ever before.

With the proliferation of relatively inexpensive high definition video cameras and desktop video and audio editing systems, most types of businesses can afford to form collaborative partnerships with video production companies like us.

Distribution options are much greater than ever before, as well, thanks to the internet. No longer is broadcast television the only option to get your advertising messages out.

Fire on the Bayou is a company you can trust with your TV commercial advertising needs. We will work with your advertising budget and prioritize creating the high quality video content for your products and services. We develop strong content that connects with your audience, while keeping the production cost affordable.

We are ready to cast, shoot, cut and deliver your commercial, on time, and on budget.

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